Barbara Richman, ESMT

Certified Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher

Chester, NS, Canada; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Services Offered

➡ 1:1 Clinical Sessions (In-Person + Online)
➡ Group Classes (In-Person + Online)

Barbara Richman became a certified Essential Somatics Movement Teacher in 2021 and is currently in the second year of the ES training program in Clinical Somatics. She practices in Chester, Nova Scotia, and Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, offering classes and one-on-one sessions in person and online. In addition to her Somatics practice, she is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and teaches Pilates, Yamuna BodyRolling, and functional fitness. All of her teaching is deeply informed by Somatic principles and processes.

Barbara came to movement training to address a serious back injury that had not been helped by numerous treatments. Now, 25 years later, she is stronger, more active, and more pain-free than she could ever have imagined. Her goal is to assist clients in finding relief from pain, renewed mobility, and the energy to live their best lives.

Phone: 902-830-9332