Bernadette Spiller, CCSE

Certified Clinical Somatic Educator

St. Thomas, ON, Canada

Services Offered

➡ Group Classes (In-Person)

Bernadette Spiller’s rich background in therapeutic recreation and energy healing supports her mission to assist others in achieving a more active lifestyle that is suitable for them.

Through years of working with clients, she has discovered that healing our energy field, does not always result in the healing of our physical body. Instead, we can remain stuck in the “thoughts that become things” pattern as a rooted representation of our emotions and experiences.

She was thrilled to discover Essential Somatics® which confirmed that there is no differentiation between thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations; it is all sensation and our job is to connect meaningfully with these sensations as the first step in creating more freedom for ourselves.

Bernadette’s greatest teacher has been diving deeply into her own personal somatic practice. Essential Somatics Movements and clinical sessions have allowed her to witness and experience the powerful process that takes place when we turn our attention inward.

Bernadette holds weekly Essential Somatic Movement classes and sees clients for Clinical Somatic Sessions in the London and St. Thomas area Ontario, Canada.