Brenna Jacobson, ESMT

Certified Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher

Canada, British Columbia, Delta

Brenna Jacobson, is a Certified ESMT and owner of Integrative Yoga Therapy for Wellness based in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. Brenna has been teaching Therapeutic Yoga and integrates them with other therapies that will best benefit her clients and students. She is now offering Movement Classes in Somatic Therapy. Brenna teaches private one-to-one sessions, weekly classes and 4-6 week Progressive classes. Brenna’s personal life challenges has taken her on a journey exploring many different modalities toward self-help. After more than 12 years of searching and teaching, she found that Somatics was what was missing from all of the previous teaching. It resonates with her life-long belief that we have the power and ability to through awareness recognize things that need tending to physically and mentally, but only need the means whereby to correct them. Brenna has always been passionate about her teaching and shares her abundance of knowledge she has learned over time, and has practiced on herself, most importantly with successful results. 12 years after her retirement from traditional Administrative work, Brenna has found something she loves to do, knowing that it works from personal experience, physically and psychologically, providing freedom, empowerment and being able to guide others to experience the same, and share their joy!

Phone: 1-604-369-8785

Address: 5063 56th Street Delta, British Columbia, Canada