Carolin Conmy, ESMT

Certified Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher

Tampa, FL, USA

Services Offered

➡ 1:1 Movement Sessions (In-Person)
➡ Group Classes (In-Person + Online)
➡ Workshops (In-Person)

Carolin Conmy is a Certified Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher who discovered the life-changing work of Thomas Hanna after a debilitating back injury that forced Carolin into early retirement. Essential Somatics is one of the few modalities that not only has given Carolin the tools to alleviate back pain but, more importantly, it has changed the way she walks, stands, and sits reducing the occurrence of back pain altogether. After experiencing these profound improvements, Carolin was inspired to certify and share this incredible work with her clients.

Somatics Tampa, LLC is based in Tampa where Carolin offers classes and workshops. She also offers online services and private instructions so her clients can gain freedom of movement and release muscle tension.

Phone: (904)200-5703