Eric Cooper, CCSE

Certified Clinical Somatic Educator

Ann Arbor, MI and Chicago, IL, USA

Eric Cooper

Eric Cooper is a Certified Clinical Somatic Educator, having studied with Essential Somatics® under the mentorship of Martha Peterson.

“I had a 30-year pain problem. Out of everything I studied and did, Clinical Somatics was the only thing that worked – and it worked completely. Now, I have a lasting, pain-free ease and freedom.”

Eric can help you find significant improvement with the muscle pain, postural challenges, and structural pain you are experiencing. If you feel tight, stiff and achy, or stuck in stress, come and learn to reverse your specific patterns of chronic muscle tension. Clinical Somatic Education works because it is active, not passive. Learn essential skills that will last you a lifetime. Clinical Somatics puts your healing in your hands.

Eric specializes in Clinical Somatics for postural distortion and the resulting pain, guiding you to regain control. Feel freedom and spaciousness in your body again and learn to reverse the patterns of chronic muscle contraction in your body that cause pain.

Clinical Somatics has powerful rewards. Feel greater ease, more freedom, and a deeper self-knowing, from each lesson. You deserve to experience the joy of pain-free living.

Eric’s office is located in Manchester, MI 20 miles west of Ann Arbor. He also offer Clinical Somatics sessions in Chicago on a regular basis.

Phone: (734)436-1041
Location: near Ann Arbor, MI; Chicago, IL