Erin Girzone, ESMT

Certified Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher

Waterford/Portland Area, Maine, USA

Erin Girzone

Erin Girzone is the founder of the Good Health is a Habit Wellness Studio in Waterford, Maine. On a daily basis, Erin is honored to operate a business with a mission of helping others improve their quality of life through mindful movement. For Erin, everyone is seen as a body that is designed to move and a mind that is designed to learn and grow. With her guidance, you will break down the box you have stuck yourself in. You will discover you CAN move well and you ARE incredibly strong.

Erin offers somatic movement classes and private sessions along with yoga and functional fitness classes, many of which are available virtually over Zoom. Through these offerings Erin helps you both connect with yourself and support a shift in your mindset, a shift that recognizes your potential to self-heal, self-improve, and live to your full potential.

Phone: 860-235-3650
Address: 683 Waterford Road Waterford, ME and 306 Congress Street Portland, ME