Iris Bar Lev, CCSE

Currently in Clinical Training


Iris Bar Lev

Iris Bar Lev has been a creative movement teacher and choreographer, and has been working as a qualified therapeutic Pilates teacher for nearly 20 years. She is owner of ESIM© (Educational Somatic Movement center) based in Jerusalem, Israel where she offers somatic movement group classes, one-on-one clinical hands-on sessions, somatic-Pilates lessons, and somatic workshops all around Israel.

Iris relieved her chronic pain within only two weeks using Martha’s book Move Without Pain, and now dedicates her time to teaching Somatic Movement and its principals to her community and country. She is committed to offering this gentle self-awareness/self-care method to those who wish to live pain-free and learn to self-regulate their habitual responses to stress and life’s challenges.

Iris guides her students to a profound and thorough process of self-awareness and self-change, both at the physical, mental and energetic levels of being, integrating Thomas Hanna’s broad philosophy of life, to seek for freedom from within.

Currently, Iris is the first and only Essential Somatic practitioner in Israel.

Phone: +972-523-484-047