Kay Barr, CCSE

Certified Clinical Somatic Educator

Trinity Beach, Cairns, Queensland, North Queensland, Australia

Kay Barr

Kay Barr, CCSE is a long-time teacher of Tai Chi and Qigong and regards Tai Chi Chuan and Clinical Somatic Education as the perfect co-practices for restoring harmony, balance, and postural alignment to her students and clients. Becoming mindfully connected to your whole being from the inside out without the negative effects of pain is a freedom that Kay hopes that everyone can experience through Clinical Somatic Education. Kay launched iMove Without Pain Clinical Somatics studio in Cairns.

With a keen interest in the internal martial arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine Kay completed a Diploma of Zen Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies in 2009. In pursuit of improved wellness and vitality Kay has gained experience and instruction in several bodywork modalities through the years and finally found Hanna Somatics in 2014 through a mutual connection in Tai Chi in the USA.

“While the art of Tai Chi can be a life-long practice, I consider that Somatics actually is the modern-day answer to immediate relief from chronic pain and mobility issues caused by the unconscious tension in one’s body. The real benefit begins with the feedback given to your own soma (and brain) by your very own body – the ultimate in self-perception and self-sufficiency.  No other modality comes close to Hanna Somatics!” Kay believes that living somatically will improve whatever you do in life, whether you have pain in your body or not.

Kay conducts private sessions, group classes, and courses in Somatics around the Cairns region. She is also available for clinical somatic lessons at her private studio in Trinity Beach.

Phone: +61 41 756 3936
Email: kay@imovewithoutpain.com
Website: www.imovewithoutpain.com
Address: PO Box 260, Trinity Beach, Cairns, 4879, North Queensland, Australia