Kazimira Mattes, ESMT

Certified Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher

Toronto, ON, Canada

Services Offered

➡ 1:1 Movement Sessions (In-Person + Online)
➡ Group Classes (In-Person + Online)

Kazimira Mattes is a Certified Essential Somatics Movement Teacher, a certified Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, and a yoga and movement educator. With over a decade of experience in teaching movement, she has developed a profound passion for assisting individuals in establishing a deep connection with their centers and cultivating a strong and functional body to support them as they navigate the aging process.

After years of practicing belly dancing, spending prolonged periods at a potter’s wheel, and going through two pregnancies, Kazimira experienced significant imbalances in her body, resulting in chronic back, hip, and pelvic floor issues. Her body felt twisted and constantly sore. The more she engaged in exercise, the tighter and more contorted her body became. It wasn’t until she discovered somatics and began working with her body at the neurological level that she started to truly achieve sustainable transformation, bidding farewell to imbalances and tension, and embracing a newfound ease of movement, strength, and integration.

She offers a variety of services including Somatic Movement classes, private sessions, and specialized Somatic workshops focusing on specific areas of the body. She works with clients both virtually and in person, serving the Toronto, Canada area.

Email: kazimira.movement@gmail.com
Website: www.kazimiramovement.com