Kira Macoun, ESMT

Certified Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher

Chicago, IL, USA

Kira Macoun

Kira Macoun is a Certified Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher who started her career in movement through Functional Fitness training: an exercise modality meant to help people move freely in all planes of motion through strengthening certain muscles groups that offset opposing, trapped ones. Unfortunately, this practice did not work for everyone. Something she noticed time and again was that no matter how many cues she gave, or how many times her clients would do certain movements, they would continuously do them incorrectly or feel it in the wrong muscle group. Kira discovered Somatics in 2017 and decided to take the 2-year journey to Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher certification and self-discovery.

Kira offers online classes, personal Somatic Movement sessions, and also ‘Pain to Power’ offerings where she will transition students from chronic pain to weight lifting. Somatic movement has revolutionized weightlifting for her clients! With 12 years of Functional Fitness experience, 8 years of Pilates and now the tools of Essential Somatics Movement under her belt, Kira is equipped to support anyone looking to get out of pain and into freedom and power.

Phone: (312)731-8699
Address: 2117 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60660