Laura Gates, CCSE, CHSE

Certified Clinical Somatic Educator | Certified Hanna Somatic Educator

Averøy, Norway; New York City, NY, USA

Laura Gates

Services Offered

➡ 1:1 Clinical Sessions (In-Person)
➡ Group Classes (In-Person + Online)
➡ Workshops (In-Person + Online)

Laura M Gates is a Certified Hanna Somatic Educator (CHSE), Certified Clinical Somatic Educator (CCSE) and practitioner based in Averøy, Norway, and also offering services in New York City, USA. Laura trained in Somatic Education at Somatic Systems Institute, Northampton, MA, and was also certified by Novato Institute of Somatic Research and Training, Novato, CA in 2007.

Laura assists and collaborates with Martha Peterson, CCSE, founder of Essential Somatics®, teaching and training Somatic Movement Teachers and practitioners internationally. She enjoys developing somatic curriculum to address various muscle pain conditions with a focus on scoliosis and dancers’ needs. She brings over 40 years of movement education to her work. Laura is also an ongoing student of kinesthetic anatomy with celebrated master teacher Irene Dowd. 

Regarding her own issues around scoliosis and chronic pain, Laura says,

“Thomas Hanna’s techniques and system have proven hugely and uniquely helpful to my scoliosis, increasing comfort and mobility, improving alignment, and giving me a ‘somatic medicine kit’ that I use daily. I can’t imagine life without Somatics.”

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