Lori Strantz, CCSE

Certified Clinical Somatic Educator

Ephraim, Door County, Green Bay, WI, USA

Lori Strantz

Lori Strantz, CCSE owns Lori Somatics & Massage Therapy in Ephraim, WI. In addition to being a Somatic Movement Coach and a Clinical Somatic Educator in-training, she is a Licensed Massage Therapist. Lori works with her Somatics clients through private clinical sessions, classes, and workshops. Many of her clients have issues with chronic pain, joint stiffness or postural problems. She teaches her clients how to achieve long-term pain relief using gentle movement techniques, and teaching individuals how to release their own muscle tension.

Lori teaches lifelong tools to improve body awareness, control, and freedom of movement. Hanna Somatics goes to the root of most cases of chronic muscular pain and teaches how to eliminate pain, improve balance, improve muscular coordination, and gain flexibility. More information regarding Lori’s clinical sessions, classes and workshops can be found on her website.

Phone: (920) 868-9493
Email: lori@lorisspaessence.com
Website: lorisspaessence.massagetherapy.com