Mary Rusch, ESMT

Certified Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher

Kelowna, BC, Canada

Mary Rusch

Services Offered

➡ 1:1 Movement Sessions (In-Person + Online)
➡ Group Classes (In-Person + Online)

Mary Rusch is a certified Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher based in Kelowna, BC. Mary discovered Somatics several years ago and was delighted to find a modality that taught her how to do movements that help alleviate stiffness and pain on her own; this freedom to treat herself rather than having to rely on myriad practitioners, chiropractors, physiotherapists for this relief, with only temporary results, was a welcome change.

After being in three car accidents Mary had ongoing issues with disc damage in her neck and ongoing back problems, while also suffering from TMJ pain. Once she started to practise Somatic Movements on a regular basis, her pain and stiffness started to dissipate; Mary is more active in her life now than ever before. She is thrilled to teach others to have more freedom and ease in moving their bodies.

Contact Mary to see how Somatics can help you. As she is fully retired, she is widely available to teach you how to achieve the great benefits Somatics provides, offering both group and private sessions.

Phone: 250-826-4121