Nicki Marshall, ESMT

Certified Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher

Lincolnshire UK

Services Offered

Nicki Marshall is a Certified Essential Somatics Movement Teacher based in a small rural village in Lincolnshire, UK. She has always had a keen interest in health, wellbeing and fitness, participating in many sports. Unfortunately chronic shoulder pain impacted her everyday life and prevented her from taking part in the sports she loved. Traditional treatments failed to provide any significant pain relief. Originally a Commercial Solicitor, Nicki reassessed her work life balance and set up as an equine behaviour coach in 2020. Whilst attending a horse behaviour course in 2016 she was introduced to Feldenkrais’ work this led her to Somatics. After attending her first Somatics class with Liz Underwood CSE, which relieved the pain like a switch finally being turned off, she was inspired to learn more and she continued to work with Liz and began her own regular Somatics practice to overcome her shoulder pain. Nicki feels driven to share this work to prevent others from wasting time and money and suffering unnecessarily the way she did. This inspired her to embark on the Essential Somatics Movement Teacher training. Nicki is passionate about helping her clients to learn how to unlock their habituated movements patterns, to release muscle tension and find the freedom to enjoy movement again. Nicki also enjoys working with sports people to improve performance and reduce risk of injury. Her first love is horses and therefore Nicki has a particular interest in helping horse riders become aware of how their own body movement patterns can also restrict the horse’s ability to move freely and giving riders the toolkit to change. Nicki teaches group classes and individual sessions which can be provided online and in person.

Address: Lincolnshire, UK