Rebecca Hoddinott, ESMT

Certified Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher

Exeter, UK

Rebecca Hoddinott

Rebecca Hoddinott is a Certified Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher based in Exeter, UK.

Rebecca was a qualified Pilates teacher for 10 years; she was inspired to explore the avenue of Somatic Movement after reading Thomas Hanna’s Somatics: Reawakening the Mind’s Control of Movement, Flexibility and Health. She qualified as a teacher through the Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher Training programme after realising the release from pain and the subsequent ease of movement felt through practising Somatic Movement.

The focus of Rebecca’s teaching is: guiding people with often chronic pain issues to learn to sense into their pain and how to move out of it. She offers both group classes and private sessions face-to-face and online.

Phone: 07841429412