Ruth Beckmann, CCSE

Certified Clinical Somatic Educator

Seaford, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Ruth Beckmann

Ruth Beckmann, CCSE is a certified Integral Yoga Teacher, Registered Nurse, and Midwife, and has specialized in teaching prenatal yoga for over 15 years. She attended her first Somatic Movement workshop in 2016 and fell in love with the simplicity and effectiveness of the slow, gentle, and focused movements. Some of her long-held tensions seemed to melt away. Her heartfelt desire is to share the beauty and profound benefits of Somatic Movement with others.

Ruth completed the Hanna Somatic Exercise Coach Level 1 training in 2016, and the Clinical Somatic Education 3-year certification training with Essential Somatics® in 2019.

“I knew deep down inside that this was something I wanted to explore. Somatics has helped me so much, and I just want to share it with as many people as I can.”

Ruth offers individual clinical sessions, one-to-one movement, and small group classes from her practice room in Seaford. She also offers workshops and classes in welcoming spaces around Adelaide.

Phone: 0421 689 447