Samantha Holland, CCSE, ESMT

Certified Clinical Somatic Educator | Certified Essential Somatics® Movement Teacher

Geddes, Nairn, Scotland

Samantha Holland

Samantha Holland, CCSE, ESMT discovered Thomas Hanna’s work after attending a three-hour Somatics-inspired yoga workshop and realising there was something revolutionary about this thing called “Somatics” in the way it treats the whole, embodied human and starts to melt away long-held pain from within.

Like so many of us, Samantha struggled for years to find a long-term solution to neck, shoulder, and hip pain, and areas of increasingly limited proprioception. When Martha Peterson’s Essential Somatics® Movements started to free up Samantha’s muscle tension almost immediately, using just cortical self-education and amazingly gentle work to do so, it confirmed for her that this was something special.

Samantha practised yoga for 25 years, was diagnosed with “structural” issues deemed untreatable, had varying degrees of success at easing pain and tension through yoga and approaches including Rolfing, chiropractic, and Bowen Technique, and struggled endlessly against the stretch reflex; she believes Clinical Somatics is more helpful than any other approach has ever been and could ever be.

Samantha comes from a background in philosophy, and, latterly, psychotherapy and Bach remedies, and welcomes the enormous power and potential of Thomas Hanna’s foundations for this work. With the help of Clinical Somatics, she has at last found a practice that helps others move away from pain and into easier movement and self-awareness, in a way that fully embraces the embodied nature and freedom of being human, and produces genuinely long-term, transformational and empowering results for anyone willing to engage with the practice.

Samantha offers clinical lessons, workshops, and Essential Somatic Movement small group classes in Geddes, Nairn, UK.

Phone: +44(0)754 666 6135