Wai Ying Tham, CCSE

Certified Clinical Somatic Educator

Brunswick West, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Wai Ying Tham

Wai Ying Tham, CCSE is a widely trained and deeply committed yoga teacher with a special interest in human anatomy.

Originally employed as an industrial scientist and completing a PhD in physical organic chemistry, Wai Ying switched tracks to work in ethical investment.

A diagnosis of breast cancer in her early 30s derailed her career plans, but not her yoga practice. Yoga helped Wai Ying navigate rounds of medical treatment and heal herself with self-compassion. Once given a clean bill of health she made a conscious choice to follow her passion for anatomy and wellbeing by undertaking yoga teacher training. She has not look back since.

Through her further studies of human anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff, Tom Myers, and Doug Keller she came across Hanna Somatics. Being highly interested in functional healthy movement, she set out to apply the practice to herself in 2015. She found that Clinical Somatics managed to not only assist her in managing her existing chronic pains from injuries and surgery, but also provided her with much more effective movement to enjoy more of her life.

“I love seeing how accessible and doable this practice is for everyone. Gives me incredible joy when someone tells me that they are now able to walk their children to school because they are moving pain-free.”

Wai Ying focuses on teaching yoga and Clinical Somatics that can be applied in daily life and help reconnect students to their desired easeful mental and energetic physical selves. Wai Ying currently runs two weekly Clinical Somatics classes at her studio, Reconnect Yoga. She also conducts workshops and courses in Clinical Somatics in Melbourne and inter-state.

Email: hello@reconnectstudio.com.au
Phone: +61-421-023-688
Website: www.reconnectstudio.com.au
Address: Reconnect Studio, 140 Melville Road, Brunswick West, VIC, 3055