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Essential Somatics shop

Practising clinical somatic education in a class


Recordings of 2hr live workshops, each one focussing on a specific theme.

Short introduction followed by two movement segments plus special bonus.

Online Intro to Somatic Movement Course

Somatic Movement Videos

Short online videos demonstrating the Somatic Movements grouped by parts of the body as well as for professions such as athletes and desk-workers.

Online Intro to Somatic Movement Course

Move with Ease Digital Course

In this 6-week online course, you will go from exhausted to empowered, learning how to relieve chronic pain and regain comfort so that you can experience joy in everyday movements (without paying thousands in medical bills).

This course gives you the common-sense missing link information you’ve been searching for. 

Online Intro to Somatic Movement Course

Book – Move Without Pain
Learn to become aware of the way you move and respond to stress. Discover the basic movement and get sample routines to try at home.