Train with Us

Get certified and share the gift of CSE with others

Train with Us

Get certified and share the gift of CSE with others

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Clinical Somatic Education has helped thousands of people worldwide to return to a more vibrant life of movement, self-agency, and awareness. Get started with the  Fundamentals (1), then learn about the foundational Essential Somatic movements in ESMTT (2), and finish your certification with a comprehensive training in Clinical Somatic Education (3).



Learn about Clinical Somatic Education for your own personal education and exploration either in person or online. This course is an excellent introduction to this highly effective, yet simple method of movement education and pain relief. This course is a prerequisite for the ESMTT.



A certification training in how to teach Somatic Movement with a foundation in Essential Somatics (ES) movements, principles, and concepts. For those interested in teaching ES Movements in a group or private setting. This course is a prerequisite for the CSE training.



A certification training focused on hands-on protocols and techniques. Build on the foundations of teaching Somatic Movement with these specialist skills for even better results. For those driven and passionate about working with people one-on-one in person in a highly effective way.

Why train with us?

Direct lineage to Thomas Hanna’s original teachings

The program director and founder of Essential Somatics®, Martha Peterson, CCSE was trained by two of Thomas Hanna’s students and bases the ES curriculums on the breakthrough methods of Thomas Hanna. The material is taught in strict accordance with Hanna’s theory, methods, and intention.

International Training Locations

ES provides training around the world in the United States and the United Kingdom so students can study closer to home.

Team Teaching

ES uses a team teaching approach to ensure close supervision and guidance by having multiple trainers present wherever possible. Guest instructors ensure enrichment of educational material and creative solutions to distance learning.

Student Virtual Learning Environment

All students can take advantage of our virtual learning environment in which they can participate in student forums, access teaching videos, clinical lectures, audio classes, and more. This platform consolidates support materials in one place for continued study and integration of learning.

Limited Group Sizes

In order to provide the most individual attention to each student, training groups are kept small Each applicant will be carefully reviewed and screened for suitability. ESMTT groups are limited to 18 students and CSE groups are limited to 14 students.

In Person

All clinical work is taught in person.


Both training programs include individual mentoring; consistent mentoring supports growth and increases the highest learning and information-retention possible.


The Essential Somatics community has grown to a worldwide network of clinical practitioners and movement teachers. We strive to connect our current and fully certified students and practitioners with each other for networking, mentoring, and collaboration.

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