If you’ve suffered from any of the pain or injuries we’ve been discussing these last few weeks, then why not try swapping out your warm up and cool down routine for Essential Somatic Movements.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

Five Somatic Movements for an easy “warm up” before your run:

  1. Back Lift – for control of the back muscles
  2. Cross Lateral Arch and Curl – for control of the abdominal muscles
  3. Invert/Evert – for connection of the feet up into the center of the body
  4. Walking Exercises – for proper mechanics of walking and gentle pelvic rotation
  5. Washrag – for long, relaxed waist muscles and smooth hip movement

Four Somatic Exercises for a relaxing “cool down” after you run:

  1. Arch and flatten – to release the front and back of the body
  2. Gluteal release – for relaxed and coordinated glute muscles
  3. Standing Calf Release – for improved control of lower legs and feet
  4. Reach to the Top Shelf – for full body lengthening