For some of us, lying on the floor is not available right now. Either getting down and up from the floor is difficult, or lying on a hard surface just doesn’t suit us right now. Never fear! Your practice can be adapted to meet you where you are right now.

The reason we do our practice on the floor is because when the floor is supporting us we let go of certain muscles more easily and can then discover what is still holding on, involuntarily. It gives us a chance to let go and as we do this we really discover what we can and cannot sense and move.

Having said that – because we spend so much time sitting and standing, it’s also important to do our movements in these positions too. That way we can really get on top of our habits. It also means that our practice is adaptable to fit into our daily life. A morning and/or evening practice is a lovely thing to do, but why not pandiculate throughout the day to keep that tension at bay!

Take the side bend for instance – a wonderful movement to help release tension through the sides of the body, giving us freedom in the waist.

You can do it lying down.

Or you can do it standing up!